Ongoing Courses

Basic courses:

Four basic courses will be released during year 2023 in DigiCampus platform. Student’s workload is 10 h per course and individual course fee 100 euros + 24 % tax.

Upcoming Courses

Advanced courses:

Advanced courses will be implemented in spring 2024. Courses are on-line courses. The advanced courses have an approximate workload of 20 – 24 hours and the individual course fee is 500 euros
+ 24% tax.

Next generation lithium-ion batteries and beyond

Subjects covered in the course:

Course will shortly overview battery materials, especially advanced functional materials for batteries. Educators will share information on these active electrode materials, their preparation and effect on the battery performance and lifetime. During this course, next generation battery materials and systems beyond lithium-ion are studied, such as Na-ion and other alkali metal batteries, Li–S, Li–O2, organic electrode materials, and solid-state battery concept. Effect of new chemistries on the cell design and assembling are also discussed. Overall the course, the sustainability aspects of batteries are discussed.

From cell analysis to pack integration

Subjects covered in the course:

The course provides – on one hand – a broad overview of the different analytical techniques to characterize the active components of a cell (electrode materials and electrolytes) and the cell itself, with emphasis on both pristine and aged cells (post-mortem analysis). On the other hand, details for the pack sizing and series/parallel connection of cells, cell equalization are provided together with BMS safety function and standard requirements for management of ion-lithium cells. Eventually, the analyses of cell SOH (state of health) by galvanostatic and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy methods will be presented together with SOC and the electrochemical mechanism.


Trainings will be implemented in summer 2024 in Sweden and in Italy. More information will be released later.

Cell assembling on the battery cell line

Subjects covered in the training:

Training will be a demonstration of cell assembling in the existing battery cell line in Sweden or in Italy.

Spent battery management

Subjects covered in the training:

At first, the SOH of aged cells will be evaluated by electrochemical methods by comparing capacity and internal impedance with those of not-aged cells. Cell disassembly in controlled environments (even by industrial facilities, e.g. Manz) will be demonstrated and aged cell components collected. Components of spent LIBs will be analysed by chemical-physical methods (XRD, FTIR, RAMAN, SEM). Basic processes for the recovery of metals from cathodes of spent LIBs will be demonstrated.