Introduction to lithium-ion batteries




Today’s energy transition is closely linked to the development of high performance and sustainable batteries. Many challenges are still to be faced to fully exploit the promise of advanced battery technologies. Only a holistic approach that includes the development of new materials, production processes, smart manufacturing, and cell assembly, as well as end-of-life management will accelerate the path towards new technologies. This course will introduce you to the battery world, with a focus on lithium-ion batteries. The educators will share with you their expertise in the chemistry and electrochemistry of batteries, on the system engineering, test, and modeling. Subjects covered in the course:
  • Advanced materials and components of batteries
  • Cell operation, cell stability, cell safety, cell ageing
  • Figure of merits and performance metrics of batteries
  • Classification of energy storage systems for automotive application
  • Battery manufacturing
  • protocols and methods for testing batteries and larger battery packs
  • battery performance, safety and battery management system (BMS)

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the students will be able to
  • describe how lithium-ion batteries work
  • identify the key lithium-ion battery components and processes
  • compare different battery chemistries
  • engage discussions concerning battery assembly and engineering
  • expand their knowledge of new battery technologies

Why should learners join this course?

This course is for those who want to develop their own skills concerning the battery cell and pack components, processes, and operation, especially for the employees working in the fields of battery (cell and pack) productio


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