Battery recycling and ecosystem




Course will introduce the fundamentals of battery recycling to the learners. Different battery types (eg. lithium-ion and alkaline batteries) are considered. Battery recycling processes, mechanical and chemical, are studied. Educators will share the knowledge also from a practical viewpoint, including a virtual tour at the battery recycling plant. Participants take a short tour with the lecturer in a digital twin of a mechanical recycling step for batteries. Further, sustainability of battery recycling is considered. Opportunities and challenges in battery recycling are studied from the technological, environmental, and economic viewpoint. Subjects covered in the course:
  • Fundamentals of battery recycling
  • Mechanical recycling of batteries
  • Thermal and chemical recycling of batteries
  • Current status in EU and legislation
  • Opportunities and challenges in battery recycling value chain
  • Virtual tour in the battery recycling factory

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the students will be able to
  • Define what an electrochemical reaction is.
  • Explain oxidation and reduction reactions
  • Describe an electrochemical cell and its basic components.
  • Discuss how a battery operates.
  • Identify the major differences between primary and secondary battery technologies.
  • Detail some essential parameters (capacity, voltage, energy and power) which describe the performance of a battery.
  • Understand how electrode materials affect the characteristics and performance of batteries.
  • Give examples of techniques used to study the performance of a battery.

Why should learners join this course?

Battery technology has become popular in EVs, in stationary energy storage applications, and in portable electronics. At the end of batteries lifetime, new technological solutions and industrial activities for battery recycling are needed. How to make battery recycling processes to be sustainable? How to improve the recovery rates of elements? Which are the corresponding technologies? What is up-to-date legislation related to battery recycling in the EU?


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