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Battery recycling and ecosystem



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Course Overview

The course will begin with a starting lecture on November 1st 5:00 PM CET (ZOOM)
The course material will unlock a week prior to the starting lecture

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Course will introduce the fundamentals of battery recycling to the learners. Different battery types (eg. lithium-ion and alkaline batteries) are considered. Battery recycling processes, mechanical and chemical, are studied. Educators will share the knowledge also from a practical viewpoint, including a virtual tour at the battery recycling plant. Participants take a short tour with the lecturer in a digital twin of a mechanical recycling step for batteries. Further, sustainability of battery recycling is considered. Opportunities and challenges in battery recycling are studied from the technological, environmental, and economic viewpoint.

Subjects covered in the course:

  • Fundamentals of battery recycling
  • Mechanical recycling of batteries
  • Thermal and chemical recycling of batteries
  • Current status in EU and legislation 
  • Opportunities and challenges in battery recycling value chain

Why should learners join this course?

Battery technology has become popular in EVs, in stationary energy storage applications, and in portable electronics. At the end of batteries lifetime, new technological solutions and industrial activities for battery recycling are needed. How to make battery recycling processes to be sustainable? How to improve the recovery rates of elements? Which are the corresponding technologies? What is up-to-date legislation related to battery recycling in the EU?

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who want to develop their own skills concerning the battery recycling, especially for the employees working in the fields of mineral/metal processing and refining, battery (chemical) production, technology development companies, energy sector, automotive industry, and related areas.

About the course implementation:

The course will be carried out in a DigiCampus platform which runs on any modern web browser. You can log in to DigiCampus either by using your Google account or creating a dedicated account on the website.

The courses are accessible for 90 days and the 90-day timer starts when the participant first enters the DigiCampus course environment using the course key.

The topics will be broken down into sections (lessons), which will cover the topics in more detail. The course materials will be delivered as written lessons which are accessible in the learning environment.

The courses will also feature multiple choice question quizzes which can be attempted twice without time restrictions. Keep this in mind and take your time when completing the quizzes.

Battery recycling and ecosystem requires the participant to possess some basic mathematical knowledge such as multiplication, division and exponentiation.

The participant will be rewarded with a digital course certificate after successfully completing the quizzes and giving course feedback. The Course feedback is a mandatory step, and it is done via an anonymous survey. Remember to download your certificate before your course access ends!

The course will begin on an online Zoom-meeting where the participants will receive an introduction to the DigiCampus platform, and the educators will share their greetings!

When: November 1st 2023 05:00 PM CET
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